The Fatigue of a Nation

The Fatigue of a Nation

Headlines take a stroll across tablets and windows

Reflections of wealthy white men, give them control

Every headline induces media fatigue

A populist us versus them, mentality.

Attention seeking, ratings driven, long lasting

Remembrance of citizens, accrue interest

The Market collapse, the bubble burst, banks own homes

Bad debt’s unpaid, homes lost to predatory loans.

Validation for the president, it’s a goal

Lost the popular public by millions of votes

Soul of a nation, speculation in control

Political dilettantes making policy

The body politic lacking morality

Hold back, move forward, expertly divide, exploit

Presidential fatigue like rain drops, flooding us

Enough unrest to erode mountains, resistance

Gerrymandered districts struck down, reimpose lines

From urban sprawl to rural, maps ensure success

All the general’s men, a stalemate, no end

Redraw battle lines, seize lands, oversea cities

Crumbling buildings, terror ridden catastrophe

Redeploy troops for the generational fight.


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Novel Flu

Novel Flu

H5N9, are we going to die?

Bodies piled up high.

Death stalks the streets,

Illness strikes over lands and seas,

People fall to Earth like carrion meat.

Give me a shot, eh Doc?

Avian strains undergo genomic mutations.

What’s the prognosis? Tell us the vector status,

Infection breathes, deep lung tissue disease.

Take off from a cough, spread out your wings,

Jack the Ripper virus strikes unease,

Humanity seeks relief; knocked to their knees.

The sinister strain travels easily,

Jet setting from coast to coast,

Wiping out every other host.

By: Paul

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Hostility blinds, bright as a star,

Nations carry historic scars,

Give it a chance; pleas unheard,

A treaty, saving face; diplomacy.

By: Paul

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Public Discord and Dismay

A rose reigned on high,

Fired! Like cannon shot.

Suddenly, so much insanity,

Brought down by shifting storms of public discourse.

A true tidal wave of animosity.

Dawn finds Rose is plucked.

Lost integrity; a legacy swept away,

Derision cast and snarling sneers

Decades of unease held inside

Resentment carried for years

Morality rains, churning up rocky ground.

Freezing drops of hypocrisy stings.

Beating steel rain on famous faces.

Power fails absolutely,

Seasonal changes bring equality to workplace arrangements

A Paradigm shift unleashed.

Public outrage can turn to sunshine

Dawn may break to safety

A country in need of steady breezes.

By: Paul

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CBS This Morning/News

CBS News promises more news. What it gives you is commercials. A lot of commercials. It’s a two hour block of commercials with news crammed in like updates. Once streaming services like Netflix includes news, forget about it. Who wants to watch commercials? It’s a slap to the face. Networks will fail. Instead of the show being interrupted by commercials, it’s commercials interrupted by shows. And of course, Gayle King has to throw in her two cents after every news story, which sucks up another several moments that could be devoted to a news story. It’s like a bad joke. Good Morning America is non-news pop culture nonsense and CBS This Morning is a purgatory of commercials followed by short segments of news and judgmental comments by Gayle King.

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America: Year 242

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Ellen Degeneres (Racism)

I saw a picture of an incredibly talented black actor with his shirt off riding a children’s tractor on Ellen. Ellen claims she didn’t have time to talk to the Emmy award winner Sterling Brown. Instead, she had him pose for a racist looking picture. It reminds me of early 20th c African Americans in the entertainment industry. They were treated like curiosities and exploited in turn. It’s disturbing to see a powerful actor reduced to a curiosity riding around on a kid size tractor. Does Ellen really not get how that looks? It’s a problem in Hollywood. Ellen has legions of white women that seems to get a kick out of  black exploitation. Instead of celebrating Sterling K Brown as a dignified and talented actor that will probably win an Oscar, she puts him on a tractor without a shirt. All that was missing was a cotton field and whip marks on his back. What is wrong with that women? Is she really that out of touch or is it some sick way of keeping the middle aged white women that make up her audience happy? Either way, shame on Ellen. #speakout

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