Tied up in Tehran

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Sexual Harrasment

There are many famous men being accused of a wide variety of sexual harassment behavior. Good. Get rid of them. If it’s criminal, take them to trial. But where are the women that harass men? Not a single nationally recognizable women has been accused or brought down. Does this mean women with power do not abuse it? One highly educated person that I know said women just don’t act that way in general. That might be true, but I guarantee there must be a few out there, besides the former Democratic candidate Andrea Ramsey of Kansas. I’m glad that sexual harrasers are being outed and shamed for their noxious behavior. It’s wrong and my prediction is that millenials will truly bring the long term change to power dynamics in the workplace or anywhere else someone can use their power to hurt others. Especially of a sexual nature. For all the men that have lost their legacies and fallen from grace, you earned it, but where are the women that harass men? It reminds me of the novel Disclosure by Micheal Crichton. Fictional yes, but come on. Power corrupts regardless of gender. Charlie Rose was my hero for his incredible talent. No longer. I watched him flirt endlessly with Gayle King on CBSNews This Morning. She has incredible power and brags about her friends with power. With that personality as a hypothetical, I wonder how flirtatious women with power treat their male underlings. Men must have #MeToo moments that don’t come from male superiors. Female superiors must be held to account if they are sexually harassing. Everyone that engages in that particular abuse of power should be outed regardless if they are a famous person or someone in your community. Men and women engage is sexual harassment. Right now, it’s a one sided conversation about males harassing females. Good, but at some point after women and some men have their much deserved reckoning on their male superiors, men should come forward with #MeToo experiences about women that have harassed or are harassing them.

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Oh, good. Another new and stupid word that describes something long defined. They are called communes. Why do we have to give new names to old ideas that have names? Oh, I know. The Oxford Dictionary needs a word of the year and because everything already has a name, we have new words so they can stay relevant and garner attention. In my opinion, definitions become muddy when more and more words share the same meaning. Who believes we need more hip synonyms? I don’t know, but it’s dumb. If we are going to make up new words, let’s make them innovative so we can include a new definition as well. The entire idea of an agrihood is a community that shares land and the food that is grown on it via rent rather than division of labor. It’s a simplistic model of socialism. In other words, a commune. It’s like that old expression. If something is a duck, call it a duck. Don’t call it an agriduck.

By: Paul

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CBS This Morning/News

CBS News promises more news. What it gives you is commercials. A lot of commercials. It’s a two hour block of commercials with news crammed in like updates. Once streaming services like Netflix includes news, forget about it. Who wants to watch commercials? It’s a slap to the face. Networks will fail. Instead of the show being interrupted by commercials, it’s commercials interrupted by shows. And of course, Gayle King has to throw in her two cents after every news story, which sucks up another several moments that could be devoted to a news story. It’s like a bad joke. Good Morning America is non-news pop culture nonsense and CBS This Morning is a purgatory of commercials followed by short segments of news and judgmental comments by Gayle King.

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America: Year 242

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Grocery Store Hell

I hate grocery stores. They are a nightmare of noise, narrow aisles, and ungodly bright over head lights. They turn my brain into chowder. I am smart, but grocery stores turn me into jelly. If there is a hell for people with sensory issues, it surely contains a grocery store without an exit.

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Autism Stereotypes on Screen 

Great. Another autistic character that is an idiot-savant. Sitcoms are based on outrageous stereotypes. But dramas have a chance to be more. When it comes to a character that has autism spectrum disorder, they are portrayed as a genius that has no social intelligence. The show The Good Doctor is just another idiot-savant. The movie Rain Man gave us this archetype. Here is a suggestion. How about hiring someone with ASD to do the role? That’s right, people with autism spend all day acting to fit in. People with ASD are not a bunch of geniuses that have no skills in interpersonal relationships. It may be a struggle, but it doesn’t define the community. Autism is complicated. That deserves to be given credence. I know how to write characters. When I write a fictional character, I want them to seem real, so I do research. Sitcoms are lazy. The characters are usually stereotypes. Dramas have a duty to be serious. Autism is serious and the community that lives with it deserves to be more than a Rain Man. 

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