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Hi. I have a degree in legal theory and literature. When I’m not writing my book, I’m experimenting with poetry. Thanks

The Summer Summit

The Summit of Summer comes; Trouble is brewing for The Western Front, Like a witch’s cauldron; bubbling over, Foul liquids and noxious odors. Muster courage or lose the North Atlantic’s order. By: Paul L. Advertisements

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The Old Guard

The old guard grows gaunt and grey, Hate; cancer of the brain. A nation’s bane. Selfish and aging; they disdain. Bankrupted souls, misers in control. Responsible for a new generations arrival, In trust to us, a globe much diminished. Shrugged … Continue reading

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Conversations Interrupted

Words swirl; locked in the mind, A thousand definitions; fleeting, Hundreds of meanings, Angst, choose one, listen. Say something; make sense, Replies trapped, a cranium cave-in, Gaze behind bright eyes, Thoughts scream out; relevance! By: Paul L.

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Democratic Wrongs

A career civil servant was on the national news giving an interview. Suddenly, 2 agents from homeland security show up during taping. They wanted the civil servant brought in for questioning because he recently resigned. The career government official recently … Continue reading

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Oxycodone II BS

Oxycontin is a controlled substance. The number is II. That’s the highest legal standard. After schedule II the drugs are illegal. Schedule II means the drug is highly potent and addictive. I don’t understand all the attorney generals going after … Continue reading

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A Sardonic look at Pruitt (sarcasm follows)

Scott “the cheap” Pruitt Pruitt is the cheapest man in Washington. Hey Scott. Try bringing a sandwich to work like the rest of America. He racks up a grand eating at an Officer’s mess. No, he is not an officer. … Continue reading

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Unaccommodating ASD

There is one expression an autistic individual should know, if they enter mainstream life. No Accommodation is the bill-board sized statement, lit up with neon gas, that will be there to greet you, rather than the word welcome. It is … Continue reading

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