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America: Year 242


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Ellen Degeneres (Racism)

I saw a picture of an incredibly talented black actor with his shirt off riding a children’s tractor on Ellen. Ellen claims she didn’t have time to talk to the Emmy award winner Sterling Brown. Instead, she had him pose … Continue reading

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Grocery Store Hell

I hate grocery stores. They are a nightmare of noise, narrow aisles, and ungodly bright over head lights. They turn my brain into chowder. I am smart, but grocery stores turn me into jelly. If there is a hell for … Continue reading

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Autism Stereotypes on Screen 

Great. Another autistic character that is an idiot-savant. Sitcoms are based on outrageous stereotypes. But dramas have a chance to be more. When it comes to a character that has autism spectrum disorder, they are portrayed as a genius that … Continue reading

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Steve Bannon (Interview)

The Charlie Rose interview with Steve Bannon was revealing. He was portrayed as some evil genius that pulled the strings of Trump. That portrayal was wrong. He is not evil. He’s not a genius, but he’s intelligent. He helped Trump … Continue reading

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Excerpt from a short story.  Vega Chapter 2 As Alaika and Johnston’s reconnaissance wrapped-up, Alaika took a last look through the Hyperscope. Looking through its visor, Alaika adjusted the heads-up display via augmented reality. He requested the lens to focus … Continue reading

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Autism Unawareness 

Be forewarned. The following is a rant from one frustrated dude. Autism sucks. It’s a horrific thing to live with. It’s invisible and that means it doesn’t exist. It’s ok to be mean to people with autism spectrum disorder. right? … Continue reading

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