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Generational Politics: Part 1 (Op-Ed)

Our lets make a deal president is the confluence of a perfect storm of baby boomer politics. The lines were drawn long before the X’ers and Millenials were born. The disturbing cause of our polarized country? The sixties and the … Continue reading

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Scalise Shooting (Op-Ed)

The Scalise baseball shooting was driven by political hatred of that particular party by the deceased shooter. According to the FBI, the shooting was called an assault and not terror. That belies thier own definition. Why? Because he acted alone … Continue reading

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Sea Ship, Sunk

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No Home

No Home One minute you have hearth and home, The next, a cardboard box on skid row. Won’t you take my voucher please? No, too much paperwork, feverish rental greed. No sweat off my back, throw out the poor and … Continue reading

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One Belt, One Road

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The Willow Tree

Weeping willows trees Unspoken words winding by Wailing in silence

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Pantsuit Nation

Pantsuit Nation  Hilary Clinton lost her way, Blaming the Russians every day. Comey did not want to lie, He had to cover his hide. Democrats blundered their collective play.   By: Pauley TUP

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