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Sexual Harrasment

There are many famous men being accused of a wide variety of sexual harassment behavior. Good. Get rid of them. If it’s criminal, take them to trial. But where are the women that harass men? Not a single nationally recognizable … Continue reading

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Oh, Mon Dieu. Another new and stupid word that describes something long defined. They are called communes. Why do we have to give new names to old ideas that have names? Oh, I know. The Oxford Dictionary needs a word … Continue reading

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CBS This Morning/News

CBS News promises more news. What it gives you is commercials. A lot of commercials. It’s a two hour block of commercials with news crammed in like updates. Once streaming services like Netflix includes news, forget about it. Who wants … Continue reading

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Steve Bannon (Interview)

The Charlie Rose interview with Steve Bannon was revealing. He was portrayed as some evil genius that pulled the strings of Trump. That portrayal was wrong. He is not evil. He’s not a genius, but he’s intelligent. He helped Trump … Continue reading

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