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Modern Poetry (An Observation)

It’s such an odd phenomenon. It seems, people do not know how to react to poetry. Either they say, “I don’t know if I like it, I’m not an expert” or they look on with a blank stare. It’s strange. … Continue reading

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In Ignorance Under God

 Life in America without the facts. Without the Facts  How do you hold the government accountable if it hides everything? If we have the right to exercise speech critical of the government, then how can we use that right without … Continue reading

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The Great American Read

PBS The Great American read is a vote for America’s favorite book. It looks like a list of required reading in high school and some various NYTimes best sellers. I voted for a very few. Honestly, the list is pretty … Continue reading

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An Issue in Medical Ethics

Does a person’s need for healthcare outweigh personal feelings healthcare providers may have about the person seeking emergency medical assistance? Example: A School of Dentistry, open to the public for dental issues, including emergencies, will not see someone for an … Continue reading

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Myths and Misinformation

Why do people have to make up stories to explain an origin? Take Reed Hastings and Netflix. The movie and late fee story is complete nonsense. That’s just one prominent myth that’s often repeated. Reed and his friend Randolph were … Continue reading

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Sexual Harrasment

There are many famous men being accused of a wide variety of sexual harassment behavior. Good. Get rid of them. If it’s criminal, take them to trial. But where are the women that harass men? Not a single nationally recognizable … Continue reading

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Oh, Mon Dieu. Another new and stupid word that describes something long defined. They are called communes. Why do we have to give new names to old ideas that have names? Oh, I know. The Oxford Dictionary needs a word … Continue reading

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