Chronic Pain

One thing I really cannot understand is pain. I’m not ralking about acute pain, but chronic pain. I don’t get it. I see no purpose or value for someone to feel constant pain without a reason associated with it. An example that comes to mind are migraines. Extraordinarily debilitating headaches that medical science has yet to explain very well. The pain one experiences is extreme. My question is why.  I understand pain is a warning to our brain that something bad is going on with our bodies. I can imagine early humans breaking an arm. If they didn’t experience that acute pain they wouldn’t know something is wrong and may end up with a completely useless limb. In turn that persons chances of survival would be greatly diminished.  It would be difficult to hunt wit one arm. Pain is definitely necessary when it comes to survival. It is distressing when pain becomes something that never seems to end and has no known purpose. It’s extraordinarily frustrating and stressful. 

By: Paul

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The Art of Poetry

I think the art of poetry is lost. With mountains of bad poems flooding the internet, how can anyone find the next Eliot or Frost? It’s good that they came along well before the Internet because we may not ever know them or their work. When I studied poetry in school, it was by people from a century ago. What happened to our poets and why have people lost interest? Anyone that can scribble a few lines that rhyme or mesh well in a stanza can call themselves a poet. The few diamonds that are sure to be out there are certainly buried under heaps of online refuse. It’s a sad fact that a great poet might never be known. The plus side is that the cloud will keep your work forever. Dickinson didn’t have that and died without  acknowledgment in her lifetime. That’s a harsh fact many artists face. For good or bad, the internet connects us and keeps our work alive. But someone has to find it from trillions of searches. 

By: Paul Lillie

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Welcome to 2017. Putin and Trump can set relations to room temperature ending a chilly and chilling rivalry. It remains to be seen whether NATO becomes a third wheel. If it all seems surreal than fake information is working. Nations are made powerful by weopanizing information. The goal is to invent reality from smoke and convince the public to believe it. It can make for a distraction as a propaganda technique. That’s how Russian media works, but with the advent of reality television. It seems to have invaded America and sown some serious doubts in people’s minds. It’s interesting that social media propaganda can make the unreal, very real. Weaponizing words on a twitter feed can resound more powerfully than rhetoric by the smartest academics. 

The democrats running for office were ground into a fine powder this cycle. Absolutely crushed. Interesting because Obama is a popular man and the economy is doing pretty well, coming out of a recession. Trump has done his own thing but ran as a Republican. It’s certainly going to be a wild four years with such an enigma as president. Is he a master confidence man with his own agenda or will he be successful for America? I hope the latter is true, because as Obama said, “We are on the same team.”

The Democratic autopsy is in. Pantsuits are out. Otherwise, a solid run. 

The working class of America, namely the white working class voted for a billionaire. The son of a millionaire.  The proletariats as they are known seemed ripe for collective programs made just for them. Make America an even field for all. Out with the rich, in with the poor so that everyone may have a fulfilling piece of the pie. The pie is only so big as we saw with the Bolsheviks leaving millions dead. The more progressive democracts lost with this line of thinking. America is the global mecca for Capitalism. It’s part of America’s DNA and Socialism, democratic or otherwise wouldn’t work. One of the reasons is the size of America and its obsession with wealth. Fairness would be unaffordable. It runs counter to the notion of capitalism. That is not the future of America because the entire goal of Socialism is Communism. The American dream wouldn’t exist in that realm. The future of the Democrats and progressives cannot be about equality in wealth. Or anything else. Ideally, it may be worth working to achieve that, but pragmatically is is not who we are in America. At least not yet. Not when the poorest of us want great wealth and are willing to elect billionaires to our highest office. The pie is doled out in a way that many stay hungry. That may be a driving force to shake things up by motivating people to find a way to get more pie. The government does make sure that nobody truly starves and looking at our new president, the scraps for the working class may taste better than the gruel they seem to have been eating lately. It is certain that people are willing to take that chance to possibly leave the table scraps completely to eat their own meals.

By: Paul Lillie

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Who has the Tech?

Remote controlled mini-drones (RCMDs) with automatic weapons to take out ISIL hiding behind human shields.
Where is that kind of technology DARPA? The guy that runs that program used to be a major player in the video game business. It’s frustrating, because RCMDs could wipe out terrorists without risking collateral damage.

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Human Evolution 

Human Advancement -The logical next step is cybernetics. We are well on our way with little ethical implications. As in AI integration or Bio-Netics. Forget the robots. People need to be the biological template for biomachine integration. 

Another possibility which might have more  ethical concerns would involve genetic manipulation. Rather than making humans to order in a tube; why not take genes from animals and splice them into humans? Ethical concerns aside it might be possible to enhance ourselves with animal genes. Or vice versa.

The point, is that Homo Sapiens haven’t changed much in our entire history so in order to progress we may have to take that into our own hands. 

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How can America keep pumping antibiotics into our food animals? It’s just a matter of time until bacteria trades enough genetic material with each other to cause an epidemic or possibly  a pandemic. Bacteria will kill us the way it did before the thirties. Before we had antibiotics. The E.U. awoke to that fact ten years ago when it banned antibiotics in animal husbandry. It’s just a matter of time. It’s a pretty simple fact that is easily understood. Life adapts and bacteria is life that is very good at adapting. The solution is super immunity from superbugs. How that happens without antibiotics? I don’t know, but a 21st century Pastuer could find a way. 

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Person of Interest 

An excellent show to be sure. A show whose writer(s) clearly understands writing. The character development is outstanding which is rare in television. It isn’t often that backstorys are woven into stories so intricately. It’s the most common thing in novels but for once we can see it happen on a show. The plot threads keep the show edgy and interesting. The acting is right on and I love the overall narrative. It’s a show that showcases how writing should be in that the characters have depth, the story is relevant and the action is intense. A show for writers. It’s a shame it has been cancelled  prematurely. It’s clear that good taste is lacking in America and that people don’t appreciate the craft of writing. So enjoy the seven CBS shows that are all exactly the same with different actors. America wants the same watered down television every week and that is sad. If anyone would take English at University, it would be clear how well Person of Interest is written.  Good luck  to the writer or writers and thank you for the incredible show. One more thing. Micheal Emerson would make a great version of the character, The Question if he ever comes to screen from the DC Universe. 

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