Amendment 2

Bang, you’re shot,

Bang, that’s hot.

No. It’s not.

Love guns, need guns, get guns,


Bible in one hand,

Semi in the other,

Hands are too full to hug you.

I have a gun, I can’t help you,

I need my guns, I don’t hear you,

I live on the isle of Amendment 2.

It’s not my problem that someone shot you.

I don’t even know you.

I live, breathe, and love

I worship amendment 2.

Sacrifice children at the altar

Bullets in babies breastmilk

I love you,

My beloved amendment 2.

By: Paul Anon

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Grace in Motion

Grace in Motion

If I were a suit and tie kind of guy,

I’d have her in mind.

She wears a wedge, brunette hair, Shoulder length and wavy.

She wears a dress like sunrise,

A mix of pinks and oranges.

She has smiling lips.

She winks, her strides confident.

She passes like a foggy mist,

Leaves a scent of May and daisies.

By: Paul

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Book Excerpt

Excerpt from my novel. Copyright has been established.

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Friend or Fiend

Friends don’t last,

Like spring that turns to fall,

Leaves drop dead and flutter away,

Relationships destroyed,

Eaten like prey.

Leave alone the creeps and crawls,

Feeling life is a free fall,

Get out and get down,


Run from a handshake,

Long nails and spittle on their lips,

Turn back from their grins,

A phantasm or alien,

Who are you? What do you say?

A friend thee, thy tells me lies

Away, I’ll stand back, breath most foul

You are a winking skeleton,

Bony grip extends,


Begone devil,

Night falls, dreams calls,

In my sleep, I will find friends.

Goodbye, you monster in disguise,


By: Paul L.

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Back to the Basics (A Democratic Autopsy)

  1. Democrats and the Democratic Party, has to get back on track. The 2016 election was about special interest groups and billionaires/millionaires taking over both the Republican and Democratic Party. Hillary lost, in large part because she became entangled with celebrity and entertainment special interests. She said, “Vote for me, because LeBron James and Beyonce are with me.” Everyday Americans do not care about the very rich when they go to the polls. Clinton blamed resentment and misogyny on her defeat. That’s partly true. The Democratic Party used to be about the working and middle class voter. Hobnobbing with the entertainment elite turned a lot of people off to her message. Hillary was all about entwining herself with the rich and famous. That’s the very opposite of working and middle class. Workers want upward mobility and the middle class wants to feel secure. If Democrats continue to throw their lot in with the rich and famous entertainment elite, the blue collar men and women will look to someone that reminds them of themselves. Trump may live in a bubble of wealth and privilege, but his message was directed at the voters that usually vote democrat. He made himself their proxy. It worked. Hollywood has become a body politic. It may not have an office on K street, but they have the means to speak from multiple platforms that reach millions. Democrats need to reach those millions. Trump offends people and that gets him a great deal of attention. His allies will spin it to his favor, or confuse and obfuscate it to his advantage. That’s a lot of free air time. It is imperative for democrats to get back on track with their message. The rich and famous have influence but, ultimately, they have one vote each. Most importantly, the everyday American will not have the means to come close to our entertainers. That’s what they are and what they do. Entertainers and athletes do not affect the voter when they get to that voting booth. The voter is not thinking about how great George Clooney is when they cast their vote. They are thinking about their own best economic interests. The message is simple. Democrats lost their base to a smooth talking salesman that keeps people occupied, while a very busy congress gets their work done in peace and quit. If the democrats want to win, they need their base. Wealthy fundraisers are not the base of a Democrat. That’s a GOP method. Democratic candidates are supposed to be the party of everyday Americans. Nobody cared how many celebrities endorsed Hillary Clinton. In the short term, a referendum on Trump, or the sheer age of congress members might matter. The next generation of democratic leaders has to get back to their base. The hard workers and middle class voters. The people that are sick of their static mobility and the middle class busting issue of wealth distribution. By: Paul L.
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Tied up in Tehran

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Sexual Harrasment

There are many famous men being accused of a wide variety of sexual harassment behavior. Good. Get rid of them. If it’s criminal, take them to trial. But where are the women that harass men? Not a single nationally recognizable women has been accused or brought down. Does this mean women with power do not abuse it? One highly educated person that I know said women just don’t act that way in general. That might be true, but I guarantee there must be a few out there, besides the former Democratic candidate Andrea Ramsey of Kansas. I’m glad that sexual harrasers are being outed and shamed for their noxious behavior. It’s wrong and my prediction is that millenials will truly bring the long term change to power dynamics in the workplace or anywhere else someone can use their power to hurt others. Especially of a sexual nature. For all the men that have lost their legacies and fallen from grace, you earned it, but where are the women that harass men? It reminds me of the novel Disclosure by Micheal Crichton. Fictional yes, but come on. Power corrupts regardless of gender. Charlie Rose was my hero for his incredible talent. No longer. I watched him flirt endlessly with Gayle King on CBSNews This Morning. She has incredible power and brags about her friends with power. With that personality as a hypothetical, I wonder how flirtatious women with power treat their male underlings. Men must have #MeToo moments that don’t come from male superiors. Female superiors must be held to account if they are sexually harassing. Everyone that engages in that particular abuse of power should be outed regardless if they are a famous person or someone in your community. Men and women engage is sexual harassment. Right now, it’s a one sided conversation about males harassing females. Good, but at some point after women and some men have their much deserved reckoning on their male superiors, men should come forward with #MeToo experiences about women that have harassed or are harassing them.

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