Steve Bannon (Interview)

The Charlie Rose interview with Steve Bannon was revealing. He was portrayed as some evil genius that pulled the strings of Trump. That portrayal was wrong. He is not evil. He’s not a genius, but he’s intelligent. He helped Trump with grass roots. It’s like rough and tumble tea party politics. He didn’t use the president as a puppet. His views can be extreme, but he seems like a guy that would gladly walk to the gallows for his beliefs. He is a true believer of his ideology. Elitism is a problem, but nationalism can be a problem. Alternative right and alternative left are new words for old ideas. It would be arrogant to talk history while it’s being made. People might hate Bannon, or they might feel invigorated by his passion. Steve Bannon is a passionate man. He’s passionate about his beliefs and the president that he helped elect. An interesting and controversial figure.

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Autism Unawareness 

The following is a rant.

Autism sucks. It’s a horrific thing to live with. It’s invisible and that means it doesn’t exist. It’s ok to be mean to people with autism spectrum disorder. right? I mean ASD people are robots. They don’t have feelings, empathy, or emotions. Damn stereotypes. Blame Hollywood for some of that b.s. We are idiot savants. Didn’t you know? We are math whizzes. We love train  schedules. Oh, brother. Plus we ram our heads into walls. That’s us alright. Having a diagnosis doesn’t help if you are an adult. Overlooked, left to wander amongst neurotypes wondering if the assault will be verbal or physical. Usually verbal, because adults don’t want to go to jail. The worst is how unwelcome and hostile the world is to people that are perceived different. Try buying a loaf of bread without knowing how to communicate. It sucks. Autism sucks. Good job to Temple. An achievement rarely seen. 1 in 68. How the hell is there so little understanding? When is the world going to wake up and realize that people with autism are not stupid freaks? We might just be your neighbor doing our damned best to try and fit in. It’s a social world with social people. Well, guess what. There is an entire population that isn’t wired that way, but we are people too.

By: ASD Anon

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Able Archer

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US v DPRK (A Case for Peace)

The United States will not capitulate nor negotiate, with respect to N Korea. The Chinese under Xi calls it arrogance. A treaty has never been signed with respect to the Korean War. If Kim wants to bully his way into peace let him. Nicki Halley insists that the drills must go on. A drill almost brought the United States into a war with Russia in 1983. It was called Autumn Forge and it freaked out the USSR. Kim is freaked out. Those live drills next to his consolidated power zone go on and on. If the purpose is to deter, it hasn’t worked. Kim has made it his solemn duty to master nuclear technology. If the price of peace is a negotiation to stop freaking out a guy with nukes, than why not? Halley speaks for us at the UN Securtiy Council. Allies of keeping Kim calm see the drills as unnecessary. Peace can be had, but America has to negotiate rather than make demands. Our status as a superpower is slipping. The globe is shrinking. De-escalation has to be a strategy. Blistering language can force a physical blow. Nobody wins in atomic war. The war with N Korea has to end. That takes a peace treaty. Treaties include compromise. It is the duty of nuclear powers to compromise. To ensure the planet is safe from mass destruction. If putting down our gloves means an end to a fight, then negotiate, save face, and walk away.

By: Paul

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Brand Name Identity

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How do you hold the government accountable if it hides everything? If we have the right to exercise speech critical of the government, then how can we use that right without facts? The United States has been fighting a war against non-state combatants of which we know little, save that they are terrorists, for almost a generation. Yet who can say, how many people are fighting and how much progress we are making? If the government doesn’t tell the people it represents, how the nation is doing, than how can we know what to think? If the Whitehouse is run by generals that have the mindset of generals with a focus on war and tactics, then the citizens might not know anything. We elect the president to lead us and if they turn control over our international lives to generals than we are left in ignorance. The president made a decision to leave it up to generals. They don’t want to tell us anything in detail. When did we vote to be in ignorance? If the framers made sure dissent and criticism were fully enshrined in our constitution, what does it mean that we can’t use those rights, because everything is speculation? Who has the facts? Who needs to know? A committee of elected officials, the local citizens of a state, or a bunch of military minds in the Department of Defense? We are a free people that live in absolute ignorance. Didn’t the founders go out of their way to say that kind of life is one under tyranny? We are told what to do and what to think. That sounds like being ruled. We are subjects of America rather than citizens if the government that we elected tells the people to mind their own business. Is that why we fought a revolution against King John? To be free to be ruled again?

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Bannon’s Plan 

Steve Bannon said he wants to use the white hate groups as a way to distract the left. If the left is engaged everyday with calling out the president, they are not paying attention to the make America great goal of nationalist economic policies. It’s working, because the mainstream media spends every minute covering the bombastic language of the siting president while his team is putting together policies to drag America away from the world to an existence not seen since America pre-WWII. The intent of Bannon and his nationalistic rationale is to inflame the left, leaving them disorganized as a party. The party can’t put together polices if they spend every moment on Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric. A consensus against bigotry is right, but not a party line. Maybe in the long-term resisting the president’s language will turn into legislative seats, but as we saw with the right, opposing the president might not be enough. Bannon might have a short-term strategy to implement actual economic policies that will keep wealth from uneven distribution while insulating America, but in the long-term; a platform that uses hate as a fuel source will probably blow up and expire. For the benefit of everyone, the sooner the better, but until the mainstream stops paying attention to Trump’s antics meant to distract, more and more executive policy will flow forth. A lot could slip through the cracks, unbeknownst to most, because nobody is paying attention. Especially his base that loves all the confusing chaos, like it’s some kind of entertainment show.


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