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The Summer Summit

The Summit of Summer comes; Trouble is brewing for The Western Front, Like a witch’s cauldron; bubbling over, Foul liquids and noxious odors. Muster courage or lose the North Atlantic’s order. By: Paul L. Advertisements

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Back to the Basics (A Democratic Autopsy)

Democrats and the Democratic Party, has to get back on track. The 2016 election was about special interest groups and billionaires/millionaires taking over both the Republican and Democratic Party. Hillary lost, in large part because she became entangled with celebrity … Continue reading

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Trump is a master distracter. One tweet and the feeding frenzy begins. It leaves him to move on for the rest of the day while everyone devotes their time and energy to the tweet. He must snicker at all the … Continue reading

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Welcome to 2017. Putin and Trump can set relations to room temperature ending a chilly and chilling rivalry. It remains to be seen whether NATO becomes a third wheel. If it all seems surreal than fake information is working. Nations … Continue reading

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