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Democratic Wrongs

A career civil servant was on the national news giving an interview. Suddenly, 2 agents from homeland security show up during taping. They wanted the civil servant brought in for questioning because he recently resigned. The career government official recently … Continue reading

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Oh, Mon Dieu. Another new and stupid word that describes something long defined. They are called communes. Why do we have to give new names to old ideas that have names? Oh, I know. The Oxford Dictionary needs a word … Continue reading

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A Playbook for Tyranny

The framers knew all about tyranny. That was the whole point behind the Declaration of Jndependance. It was an indictment on King George’s repressive attitude towards the colonies. It stated that George III was a tyrant and the colonies had … Continue reading

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The American Experiment

How fragile is our Republic? Will our great experiment fail? It seems like this country is divided and that is the new normal. Is it new? We had a civil war. Our country stayed together afterward. America survived that gross … Continue reading

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It’s incredibly disturbing to see the relationship between The West and Russia.  We were allies in WWII even though Stalin was ruthless. Nazis’ were worse, so we kept Russia at the table and rightly gave them a permanent seat at … Continue reading

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Political Extremism

Who has forgotten history? Is it time for the working person to finally stand up and throw off the chains of capital oppression?  For now we at least get to vote if we want that. For at stake is a … Continue reading

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