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The Poetic Struggle

Poetry is pretty amazing. It has been an expression from the beginning of human history. Before the written word, there were poets passing down oral history. It is fun and natural to include history within poetry. They are complementary. It … Continue reading

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Year 242

Loyalty divined and brought to life Time spent, enduring enemy threats Independence Day, a wartime shrine              The president met his match and sighed

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Outlaws: Part 1

Outlaws: Part 1   We are brigands, one and all Although innocent, Corruption inveigled the emperor’s heart. Give us an amnesty Song Jiang proclaimed. We will smash Liao, cut right through them. Take their heads and display them for you. … Continue reading

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Bleeding Kingdoms: Part I

Bleeding Kingdoms: Part I   Lord Guan, Zhang Fei, and Liu Bei, brothers until the end, In an orchard, they vowed to each other for all time. Better to die together than ever go it alone, Restore the Han empire, … Continue reading

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Able Archer

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Pantsuit Nation

Pantsuit Nation  Hilary Clinton lost her way, Blaming the Russians every day. Comey did not want to lie, He had to cover his hide. Democrats blundered their strategic play.   By: Pauley TUP

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