The Old Guard

The old guard grows gaunt and grey,

Hate; cancer of the brain.

A nation’s bane.

Selfish and aging; they disdain.

Bankrupted souls, misers in control.

Responsible for a new generations arrival,

In trust to us, a globe much diminished.

Shrugged off climate change,

Nature is screaming out, “Danger!”

A legacy of our planet’s ruin.

From the greatest generation to the omega,

Now, trapped in protectionist, forceful isolation,

Skeletal hands clutch the reigns,

While youthful faces stare at uncivil statues.

“Why enshrine those that stand for hate?”

“To remind people of their place?”

It’s decrepit, we’re drowning in Oceans of plastic.

There’s a debris belt; trash in orbit.

Nature’s wrath will answer,

Hurricanes will come to wipe out the coastlands,

Homes held by the old guard will be lost underwater.

Still the EPA spits in the planet’s face.

Millennials cry out; tears and dismay.

Our inheritance; inequality in wealth,

Education comes with lifelong debts.

By: Paul L.

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