Democratic Wrongs

A career civil servant was on the national news giving an interview. Suddenly, 2 agents from homeland security show up during taping. They wanted the civil servant brought in for questioning because he recently resigned. The career government official recently quit and had some reasonable things to say to the public. It shook me to the core. What happens when the government wants you silenced? Nothing in a democracy. That’s the answer. Now? I don’t know. When the government wants you to cross ethical and moral lines and you decide to resign, that’s ok. And it’s ok to talk about that. Why would the government want to keep you quiet when it’s not a matter of national security? Speaking out against the government is one of our shining rights. It’s called freedom. If you resign because you have moral qualms with your employer, it’s ok. And it’s ok to give an interview about it. It’s not a secret that the government wants a narrative that they can control. They can have a narrative but so can the public. The constitution guarantees that right. It’s chilling to see an example of government repression on speech. If it’s not “secret” or confidential and it doesn’t concern national security, a government agency interrogating a civil servant over the truth of an administration’s narrative shouldn’t be ok. It’s chilling and reminds people of authoritarian regimes that force their narrative on pain of jail and/or death.

By: Paul L.


About Paul L.

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1 Response to Democratic Wrongs

  1. Linda Carr says:

    I saw the piece too. Chilling. Cannot wrap my head around any of it.


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