Oxycodone II BS

Oxycontin is a controlled substance. The number is II. That’s the highest legal standard. After schedule II the drugs are illegal. Schedule II means the drug is highly potent and addictive. I don’t understand all the attorney generals going after Purdue Pharmacy. Oxycontin has always been a scheduled drug. Doctors know what that means. Pharmacists know what that means. To leave out the doctors and pin all the blame on Purdue is misinformed and unjust. Doctors aren’t stupid. They did the prescribing. They knew it was a schedule II. Purdue made some misstatements and they paid for it. Doctors are in this mess as much as any pharmacy. If you listen to the cbs news they say sales marketing tricked doctors. They must think doctors are pretty dumb. BTW there is a place in medicine for pain medication. People suffer and deserve relief from pain. Pain can ruin lives and quality of lives. The AGs going after Purdue are a bunch of guys with tunnel vision ignoring the doctors that overprescribed it. Or cbs is right. Slick marketing of a scheduled drug will always dupe the doctor.


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