The Fatigue of a Nation

The Fatigue of a Nation

Headlines take a stroll across tablets and windows

Reflections of wealthy white men, give them control

Every headline induces media fatigue

A populist us versus them, mentality.

Attention seeking, ratings driven, long lasting

Remembrance of citizens, accrue interest

The Market collapse, the bubble burst, banks own homes

Bad debt’s unpaid, homes lost to predatory loans.

Validation for the president, it’s a goal

Lost the popular public by millions of votes

Soul of a nation, speculation in control

Political dilettantes making policy

The body politic lacking morality

Hold back, move forward, expertly divide, exploit

Presidential fatigue like rain drops, flooding us

Enough unrest to erode mountains, resistance

Gerrymandered districts struck down, reimpose lines

From urban sprawl to rural, maps ensure success

All the general’s men, a stalemate, no end

Redraw battle lines, seize lands, oversea cities

Crumbling buildings, terror ridden catastrophe

Redeploy troops for the generational fight.



About Paul L.

Poet, Thinker, Writer, and Reader
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