CBS This Morning/News

CBS News promises more news. What it gives you is commercials. A lot of commercials. It’s a two hour block of commercials with news crammed in like updates. Once streaming services like Netflix includes news, forget about it. Who wants to watch commercials? It’s a slap to the face. Networks will fail. Instead of the show being interrupted by commercials, it’s commercials interrupted by shows. And of course, Gayle King has to throw in her two cents after every news story, which sucks up another several moments that could be devoted to a news story. It’s like a bad joke. Good Morning America is non-news pop culture nonsense and CBS This Morning is a purgatory of commercials followed by short segments of news and judgmental comments by Gayle King.


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1 Response to CBS This Morning/News

  1. Ward 65 says:

    A purgatory of one sided news (does anyone
    report the whole story) save your biases.
    Will it ever be exposed as biased (fake news).

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