Steve Bannon (Interview)

The Charlie Rose interview with Steve Bannon was revealing. He was portrayed as some evil genius that pulled the strings of Trump. That portrayal was wrong. He is not evil. He’s not a genius, but he’s intelligent. He helped Trump with grass roots. It’s like rough and tumble tea party politics. He didn’t use the president as a puppet. His views can be extreme, but he seems like a guy that would gladly walk to the gallows for his beliefs. He is a true believer of his ideology. Elitism is a problem, but nationalism can be a problem. Alternative right and alternative left are new words for old ideas. It would be arrogant to talk history while it’s being made. People might hate Bannon, or they might feel invigorated by his passion. Steve Bannon is a passionate man. He’s passionate about his beliefs and the president that he helped elect. An interesting and controversial figure.


About Paul L.

Practitioner of Prosody. Most of the poems are works in progress. I’m a perfectionist. My observations are generally my opinions and the rest, I write for myself.
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