Welcome to a place near hell’s demesne. Missouri is a deeply disturbing place to live. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People warns African-Americans about even stepping foot in MO. They are right. Discrimination is normal in this state. It’s a trait carried like an umbrella. Ready to unfurl at the first sign of difference. It isn’t politics or ideology that angers the MO populace. It’s just a notion that the good folk have towards anyone that doesn’t fit a pre-conceived mold. The MO public has a worldview that is outdated and frankly dangerous. As a person with a disability, the animosity flung my way is palbable. I have to eat it like crow everyday. The NAACP issued the warning because the police are trained to target African-Americans. To view them with suspicion. The courts have consistently ruled that the bar for lethal force is extremely low. Besides the police targeting minority citizens, our trained killing machine/governor doesn’t like the idea that discrimination is illegal. There is a lot of hate leftover for other minorities. If you are on the autism spectrum and you don’t get it or understand the hate, I do. Neuro-typical thinking is part of that MO mold. If you are a minority, have a disability, or are different, than stay away from MO. That’s the broader warning. Missouri, is an ugly place with uglier ideas. Our state should have a new motto. “You are not welcome!” That’s the reality. And until the people that tow that line die off, it is here to stay. Thomas Kuhn observerd that certain truths win the day, not because opponents change their minds, but because they die. That fits with the philosophy here in Missouri. The truth is that the police discriminate. The statistics prove it. Look at Ferguson for example. But the narrow-minded model wins the day because like that are in charge. The NAACP is right, but until that Missouri mindset dies off, nothing will change. The quote is a little out of context but it applies. Hate is a cancer and MO is in stage 4. If an opportunity presents itself, flee this state before it kills your soul. Or stay and continue to be socially banished and unwelcome. If you care about neurodiversity, MO doesn’t have it. In fact, it’s not on anyone’s radar. Ask someone at random and find out that they don’t even know what that means. More radical for some is the penalty for the color of your skin. It could mean death or a law that stops your right to say discrimination is wrong. The real life terminater of lives, our governor will see to that domestic culling. He wants to legalize discrimination. He will hail it as a victory. Missouri is not a healthy state. Travelers beware, or you may catch Missouri’s hate propagating bacterium. Kansas City is a good place to catch it. A near-sighted view of the the big picture is not treatable by anti-biotics. Is a vote a potential antidote? Perhaps, but for the practical minded, wait until equality is for all. Education is a safer bet. Take it and run.


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