A Playbook for Tyranny

The framers knew all about tyranny. That was the whole point behind the Declaration of Jndependance. It was an indictment on King George’s repressive attitude towards the colonies. It stated that George III was a tyrant and the colonies had a god given right to be free. To have dignity before the law. Skip ahead two and a half centuries. Tyrants are more common than gnats on a cow in summertime. In fact tyrants abound in governments. They flourish. All it takes is to squash the will of the people. Take their freedom, their hope, and their happiness. If you want to be a tyrant, check off those three items and crown yourself king. What is to stop a president from doing that in an established democracy run by and for the people? It’s not as hard as you think. First, nullify the voice of dissension. There are numerous ways to do so, from prison, to sowing doubt. Doubt is like a bacteria. It spreads. So start there. Next, stomp out that pesky rule of law as it applies to the one in power. Apply it wholeheartedly to publius, but if the law aims her sword at you, pull off her blind and throw her in jail too. In other words, treat law as if it is another voice of dissension used as a tool to undermine the power structure of the one in charge. Two down, one to go. This last piece is a bit trickier. How to keep the peace and prevent an insurgencey of the unhappy public. Two choices, benevolence or iron fisted fear. The latter can harden the hearts of your enemies so it’s not advised, but in the short term, you can achieve a lot. Benevolence is a viable option. Let the people have their cake. A hungry person doesn’t care what they are eating, just as long as they are eating. As far as history and the legacy of the ruler that supplanted democracy? It depends on how successful they become. The longer they maintain power, the more successful they become. History will begrudgingly credit that regardless of what you did or how you did it. So if you want to rule a modern democracy while neutering the things that make it such, follow these suggestions. You may end up a leader that answers only to themselves.


About Paul L.

Poet, Thinker, Writer, and Reader
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