The Oligarchy of America

The president loves how things are run in totalitarian societies. Let’s make his administration an oligarchy. If you love him and will walk through fire for him, than you are qualified for any role in government. Are you a scientist? No? That’s ok. You love the president. That means you can be in charge of agricultural science, or education, or anything you want. Name it. Does that position require one to be a scientist, or have an extensive background in that area? Yes. Does that matter in an oligarchy? No. From Russia with love, The Oligarchy of America is taking shape. This is not your typical crony capitalism at work. That is par for the course in politics. A quid pro quo that is allowed to flourish. But an oligarchy in the executive branch? That’s ahead of the curve of the greatest Republic on Earth.  Give me loyalty or give me death. America will die as a democracy. This isn’t politics. It’s a reality and America should be concerned. Are they? No. The masses are so disgruntled that they don’t care. They are jobless, lack the skills to compete, and sick of being left behind by global competition. What’s the cure? Death by opiates. But will they go so far as to flush the rule of law down the toilet? Sure, why not? Let’s make America like Russia and parse out government positions based on friendships and loyalty. Promise confirmation by funding the sentator’s next election bid. Power is wonderful isn’t it? There’s no need for education or experience. It doesn’t matter what the constitution says or what the law requires. Just be loyal and love the chief. Cheers to Vladimir for figuring out how to mutate the fabric of our existence. We died for it in 2 world wars. Fought a revolution for freedom and even fought ourselves. For what? I guess, let’s give up and thank our beloved President for his love affair with totalitarianism. It is the will of the people that we bow in reverence to our glorious leader. We take pride in it. Totalitarianism means that we let go and let the powers that be rule us. We vote to be subservient. Rules do not apply to some, so let them be in charge. It is their right after all. Right?


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