The American Experiment

How fragile is our Republic? Will our great experiment fail? It seems like this country is divided and that is the new normal. Is it new? We had a civil war. Our country stayed together afterward. America survived that gross attempt at suicide. Reconstruction was a terrible time. Two world wars and we are still here. Does every generation since our founding worry if our pursuit of liberty and happiness will end? How dysfunctional can it get before politics ruin the republic? There are disagreements and then there comes a time when America splits apart at the seams. It’s happened before and succession is not outside the realm of possibility. We have precedent. It’s possible that America needs dysfunction to function, but it doesn’t alleviate anxiety. Conservatism has come to us at the federal level and it’s goal is to deconstruct the government. Not to limit it, or shrink it, but to nullify it. Without a federal government, there is no United States. We are left with just states, giving the appearance that America is contained within the bubble of the state that you reside in. The union as a whole is eliminated. That’s the path America is on and the more extreme the politics the more disunion will result rendering America neutered and unimportant. Putin can say to the world that Democracy’s don’t work. America failed to keep itself together. It elected its own end. America is left with tribal like states that insulate from each other. Without a federal government to lead us and enforce the constitution, we are not The United States. The ideology to dismantle the federal government comes from the wealthiest among us that are so rich that they control their own destinies. It’s the party of the Absolute right. What happened when the Absolute left takes control? The USSR gives us our answer. America should be worried because the gravest assault a Republic can sustain is an assault on itself. And right now, America is prepped to lash out. It remains to be seen if America will survive in spite of itself. If we can remember who we are as a nation and why we became that nation, than maybe we will remain that nation. On the other hand, we will devolve, lose our place in the global order, our allies will suffer, and The United States will become, The Seperated States.


About Paul L.

Hi. I have a degree in legal theory and literature. When I’m not writing my book, I’m experimenting with poetry. Thanks
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  1. Linda Carr says:

    I share you concerns.

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