The Poetic Struggle

Poetry is pretty amazing. It has been an expression from the beginning of human history. Before the written word, there were poets passing down oral history. It is fun and natural to include history within poetry. They are complementary. It is difficult to be precise in its expression. The grammar of poetry has been long established. It can be a long process to reign in a poem within those bounds. Whether it’s iambic tetrameter or even hexameter. A poem can flow really well, but what happens when it flouts the rules?Call it prose? On the other hand, something truly fun and original might be lost if one obliges the rules. So, time can be spent reworking a poem to make sure it’s trochee or time can be spent in free flow. The first can be a challenge. Yet if rules are not conformed to, there will be a lot of wheat to separate from the chaff. Of course, one can always leave that part to an academic trying to deconstruct a poem. Perhaps your talent is so great that it conforms naturally on paper to the rules. That’s doubtful. For the meantime, adhering to the rules in poetry can be good training and naturally as one practices there could be a tendency to correct the number of syllables and iambs. 


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