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A Playbook for Tyranny

The framers knew all about tyranny. That was the whole point behind the Declaration of Jndependance. It was an indictment on King George’s repressive attitude towards the colonies. It stated that George III was a tyrant and the colonies had … Continue reading

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The Oligarchy of America

The president loves how things are run in totalitarian societies. Let’s make his administration an oligarchy. If you love him and will walk through fire for him, than you are qualified for any role in government. Are you a scientist? … Continue reading

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The Method

Method acting is more than what people think. It’s not about staying in character day and night. That’s just one small part to the technique. It might help at first to see a script, learn about the character, and be … Continue reading

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The American Experiment

How fragile is our Republic? Will our great experiment fail? It seems like this country is divided and that is the new normal. Is it new? We had a civil war. Our country stayed together afterward. America survived that gross … Continue reading

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The Poetic Struggle

Poetry is pretty amazing. It has been an expression from the beginning of human history. Before the written word, there were poets passing down oral history. It is fun and natural to include history within poetry. They are complementary. It … Continue reading

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