Outlaws: Part 1

Outlaws: Part 1


We are brigands, one and all

Although innocent,

Corruption inveigled the emperor’s heart.

Give us an amnesty Song Jiang proclaimed.

We will smash Liao, cut right through them. Take their heads and display them for you.


The rest of the outlaw band will follow Lu north,

Stop the barbarians at the border, surround and crush them in a pincer move.

Their spirits fleeing in fear, tartars quaking in prefectures; watching the town burn down, the King of Liao surrendered, his life spared for now.

Two Spears and Featherless Qing won merits as heroic men.


Generals and triumphant chiefs cheered victory across a thousand li.

Slicing through throngs, taking the lives of enemies, restoring the lands of the Song Dynasty for the noble hearted effort of virtuous loyalty;

Brigands we may be, made up of generals and experts of war

For many reasons, driven away.


Corrupt ministers held the emperor’s attention; disavowing merits displayed by gallant men that are better than them; the one hundred and eight stars of heaven had been sent. Tied to human bodies, some cried dissent.

The Timely Rain brought calm to the one-time bandits now known by The Empire of Song as the great heroes of Liangshan Marsh.


By: Pauley TUP

Shi, Nai’an, Luo Guanzhong, and Sidney Shapiro. Outlaws of the Marsh. Beijing: Foreign Language Press. 1988 Print.


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