1. Trump is a master distracter. One tweet and the feeding frenzy begins. It leaves him to move on for the rest of the day while everyone devotes their time and energy to the tweet. He must snicker at all the attention he gets from it. It’s good material for comedians and a laugh is good for the soul. But when the media world ignores all the subtleties of world events and focuses on Trump tweets than they are doing the public a disservice. Trump uses Twitter to distract everyone while he works doing whatever it is that he is doing. We don’t know because nobody asks him. We ask his press people about his tweets. I think Trump is more savvy than anyone gives him credit for. He won the presidency and made billions for him and his family. We may or may not like him as a human being, but he is our president until he is not. And if the resist movement works than he won’t be president after his time. That’s what is great about America. We are not stuck with a lifelong leader in charge forever. History takes time. Some presidents are deemed pretty bad or some with a question mark, because they may have died before having had a chance to do the job. This piece is not a for or against the president. It is the way it is for the present time. 

About Paul L.

Practitioner of Prosody and Science fiction writing.
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