Bleeding Kingdoms: Part I

Bleeding Kingdoms: Part I


Lord Guan, Zhang Fei, and Liu Bei, brothers until the end,

In an orchard, they vowed to each other for all time.

Better to die together than ever go it alone,

Restore the Han empire, an agreement, they had in mind.

A worthy goal, fueled by Confucian legalities; it led their souls.


Cao Cao with the weak emperor had the empire’s decree,

“Do what you want”, he cackled, he threatened. “I took everything from the Han king.”

Controlling the Han Dynasty, the usurper chopped off many heads.

Dead are the meritorious minsters of guidance, the young king paralyzed, previous advisors executed with their families.


Waiting for the greatest mind in the empire, trying 3 times;

Xuande pleaded with Kong Ming; “Oh, Sleeping Dragon, show me.”


Holding back his brothers, Xuande waited patiently;

Desperate to know the Han dynasty’s destiny.

The Sleeping Dragon awoke from his sleep,

“Honorable Xuande, join me. Let us sit and discuss things over tea.”

From that day on, Liu Bei had at his side, the venerable Kong Ming.


By: Pauley TUP

Luo Guanzhong, Moss Roberts. Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Beijing: Foreign Language Press. 1995 Print.


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