Healthcare (An Experience)

Healthcare inequality is worse than income inequality. I expect inequality because America takes Capitalism to the extreme and prides itself on it. I have health insurance from disability and at my relatively young age, I receive about as poor of quality of healthcare as it’s possible to receive. Having Medicaid stigmatizes me and doctors flee from it because of the paperwork and low returns. Doctors demand top dollar and if your healthcare doesn’t meet that, than forget it. The worse part is that I am supposed to be grateful to have any coverage at all, because it’s tax payer funded. Ok, I’m extremely grateful that the few doctors that do see me treat me like I have leprosy and think it is contagious. Thank you for the healthcare. If the GOP votes to throw me off of it in the next ten years, I will be slightly worse off because the healthcare I do recieve is very low quality. A doctor could have me and at the same time have someone well-off or with excellent insurance. Trust me, the quality from the same doctor will leave me dead twenty years before the other person. America is great for the rich and important. By the way, I have the same healthcare from pre-Obama and it won’t change under GOP leadership, unless they defund Medicaid permanently. As for my Medicare, it’s the most common insurance for Americans over 65, but because of my disability I have it now. Under that, I have some commonality as far as the quality of treatment. But throw in Medicaid and it’s like someone wrote 666 in my health charts. So, how is it that America is the greatest country on Earth when measured against the ruler of the dollar bill, or our importance in society? It is like I am trash that has been left on the curbside of America. Like so much discarded refuse waiting to be burned up by a country that doesn’t see healthcare as a right, but as a commodity. 

P.S. America is great, but it isn’t easy. The history of this country has not been easy, nor will it be. It’s the price of a Democratic ideal that we work towards, but can’t reach. If balance is maintained, America will continue to strive for a more perfect union. We will strive for that, because that is what makes us America.


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