It’s incredibly disturbing to see the relationship between The West and Russia.  We were allies in WWII even though Stalin was ruthless. Nazis’ were worse, so we kept Russia at the table and rightly gave them a permanent seat at the UN Security Council. We need Russia. The Cold War was just one long urination match. The overwhelming amount of money poured into nuclear technology bankrupted the Soviet Union and arguably led to their collapse. That’s history and now we face the future. The Cold War is supposed to be over, but tensions are extremely hot. Putin’s ambitions do not align with The West. No surprise. We have entirely different governments. That won’t change. It’s certain that Russia and every other nation is not suicidal because the Cold War ended. North Korea might be, but that’s a bit of a different issue. It’s important to note that the Russians under Putin are very proud of their tech savvy. They are very good at hacking and disrupting other countries. It doesn’t have to be an enemy either. It’s in their nature to spy. Russia will be Russia. We can punish them all day long with a stick. Maybe we should try a carrot and work on common issues. If we go to their geographical backyard they would take as much an interest and posture as we would, if they came to our backyard. Stalin was considered an ally but now we consider Putin an enemy. We worked with Stalin through a hellish time. Why can’t we work with Putin or whoever is in charge? Oh right. He’s a thug etc…Fine, but if things really go all out like it did during WWII, we may need Russia. Let’s take note that spying and meddling or annexing isn’t the worse they could do. The United States was annexed from the Native Americans. As was Texas and California. It can come at a political cost, but it is extreme to think of Russia as an enemy because they spy, use information creatively, and squabble with their neighbors. They may not be the ideal ally, but every person and every nation has common goals. Focusing on how much we hate our global nieghbors is enough to halt any agenda. Russia loves their spy games and they might be the best, but that’s old hat. The West needs Russia and the security of NATO helps keep Russia in check, but to checkmate them is impossible. You can’t checkmate a nuclear power, even if you bankrupt them and ruin their economy. Global leaders cannot be selfish and petty. Technology has and will continue to make the world smaller for everyone. That should inspire hope, but if fear takes us by the hand, than that is bad for everyone. Agree or don’t, but stop throwing mud in the faces of those that disagree and find something that benefits humankind, or at least try. It won’t be long until our virtual lives intercedes with realtime. That’s positive and to shrink back from progress in technology is to miss out on the inevitable turn humans will make. Strong global connections via the internet and whatever supplants that will bring humans closer than at anytime in our history. Let’s look ahead rather than follow leaders that want to drag us backwards in time. The Luddites would tell you that no matter how many machines they destroyed,  technology advanced steadfastedly. 


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