The Scalise Shooting 

The Scalise baseball shooting was driven by political hatred of that particular party by the deceased shooter. According to the FBI, the shooting was called an assault and not terror. That belies thier own definition. Why? Because he acted alone and had no ties. Domestic terrorists sometimes act alone. The motive of the descedent was anger at a political party. That makes it terror because the motive was to intimate and hurt the GOP. As in most every instance of terror, unity was the response. Unity brings people together after a hateful act meant to terrorize. The FBI is entirely wrong to say that the Scalise shooting was not terrorism. Read the FBI definition below.

The FBI’s definition of terrorism: The “unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, to further political or social objectives.”

The Scalise shooting was absolutely an act of domestic terrorism because of who was attacked and why they were attacked. The shooter was angered by the GOP party and had a list of targets from that party. The outcome of unity was the outcome to the objective of the shooter which was to instill terror and change the GOP party through fear. The shooter is dead but saying that it wasn’t terror related is willful denial. The Oklahoma bombing and attempts at assasination are politically motivated and calculated as was the Scalise shooting. The shooter sought change through violence. Just because the shooter didn’t involve himself with other terrorists doesn’t mean that wasn’t his goal. The FBI calls it an assault. It was a lot more than that. The bullets shot by the terrorist came with hate, fear, and violence, stopped bravely by the capital police. Thank goodness for their presence of mind and professionalism in stopping the hate monger from killing our lawmakers and associates. 



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One Response to The Scalise Shooting 

  1. Linda Carr says:

    You make an excellent point. I imagine the FBI’s motive is/was political because nothing else would explain the label. So much goes on behind the scene that an item like this drives my paranoia to the stratosphere.

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