Generational Politics

Our current president is the confluence of a perfect storm of Baby Boomer politics. The lines were drawn long before the X’ers and Millenials were born. The disturbing cause of our polarized country? The sixties and the have everything middle class that existed as a by product of WWII. The most comfortable generation in history with everything handed to them on a middle class platter came of age during Vietnam. A crooked president was in office after a young progressive president was assassinated. Black leaders were murdered and women were marginalized. Everyone was either marching, rioting, or fighting a war far from home. A single line emerged and the boomers each took a side. Which side is right? Both of course. Boomers are in firm control and will be in control for at least another decade. It is up to younger X’ers and Millenials to understand political extremes do not work. Whether you like the left or the right, life is more complicated than that. Millenials grew up connected via the internet across the globe. That perspective should give the next generation a real look at their divided parents and nations. If anything is left after the boomer generation has sucked up every resource you can think of, we will need the Millenials to work together to clean up the mess and show their parents that division over politics is worthless and a waste of time. Listen, be civil, and elect leaders that actually want to serve everyone, rather than taking turns between GOP and Democrats every four to eight years. The great generation was great because it was unified in war and then peace although many still didn’t have rights. The basic needs of humans are a right. It doesn’t take socialism to force the issue. Our constitution already says it. Boomers are set in their ways. If there is still a planet tbat hasn’t been destroyed by environmental suicide, the next generation can take over without extremism of politics.

The great gift of the entitled baby boomer? Need I say his name? Her name brings shivers as well. Both stand on opposite sides of an entitled class system that has since disintegrated into vehement hatred. Americans that hate each other over ideology leaving the next generation worse off in every aspect of life. Including morality.

When the boomers have ruined as much as they can and they are dying with their automatic rifles in their bony fingers, will their children want to take care of them? The future is for the next generation and the boomers handed down a lot of crap. I hope millennials will care and want to leave Earth better off for Gen Z and the next.

Party politics have destroyed civility for the baby boomers. Let’s be better than them. We don’t have a choice. Does anyone want to see another generation that thinks party affiliation makes you an enemy?


About Paul L.

Practitioner of Prosody and Science fiction writing.
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