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Trump is a master distracter. One tweet and the feeding frenzy begins. It leaves him to move on for the rest of the day while everyone devotes their time and energy to the tweet. He must snicker at all the … Continue reading

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Outlaws: Part 1

Outlaws: Part 1   We are brigands, one and all Although innocent, Corruption inveigled the emperor’s heart. Give us an amnesty Song Jiang proclaimed. We will smash Liao, cut right through them. Take their heads and display them for you. … Continue reading

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Bleeding Kingdoms: Part I

Bleeding Kingdoms: Part I   Lord Guan, Zhang Fei, and Liu Bei, brothers until the end, In an orchard, they vowed to each other for all time. Better to die together than ever go it alone, Restore the Han empire, … Continue reading

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Able Archer

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Healthcare (An Experience)

Healthcare inequality is worse than income inequality. I expect inequality because America takes Capitalism to the extreme and prides itself on it. I have health insurance from disability and at my relatively young age, I receive about as poor of … Continue reading

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Non-Author, Authors (Op-Ed)

How is it possible that anyone with a book deal is an author? Book deals are very common if you happen to be a public figure. There is a tremendous amount of work to be had for ghostwriters. That’s great … Continue reading

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Russophobia (Op-Ed)

It’s incredibly disturbing to see the relationship between The West and Russia.  We were allies in WWII even though Stalin was ruthless. Nazis’ were worse, so we kept Russia at the table and rightly gave them a permanent seat at … Continue reading

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