The Art of Poetry

I think the art of poetry is lost. With mountains of bad poems flooding the internet, how can anyone find the next Eliot or Frost? It’s good that they came along well before the Internet because we may not ever know them or their work. When I studied poetry in school, it was by people from a century ago. What happened to our poets and why have people lost interest? Anyone that can scribble a few lines that rhyme or mesh well in a stanza can call themselves a poet. The few diamonds that are sure to be out there are certainly buried under heaps of online refuse. It’s a sad fact that a great poet might never be known. The plus side is that the cloud will keep your work forever. Dickinson didn’t have that and died without  acknowledgment in her lifetime. That’s a harsh fact many artists face. For good or bad, the internet connects us and keeps our work alive. But someone has to find it from trillions of searches. 

By: Paul Lillie


About Paul L.

Poet, Thinker, Writer, and Reader
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