Chronic Pain

One thing I really cannot understand is pain. I’m not ralking about acute pain, but chronic pain. I don’t get it. I see no purpose or value for someone to feel constant pain without a reason associated with it. An example that comes to mind are migraines. Extraordinarily debilitating headaches that medical science has yet to explain very well. The pain one experiences is extreme. My question is why.  I understand pain is a warning to our brain that something bad is going on with our bodies. I can imagine early humans breaking an arm. If they didn’t experience that acute pain they wouldn’t know something is wrong and may end up with a completely useless limb. In turn that persons chances of survival would be greatly diminished.  It would be difficult to hunt wit one arm. Pain is definitely necessary when it comes to survival. It is distressing when pain becomes something that never seems to end and has no known purpose. It’s extraordinarily frustrating and stressful. 

By: Paul


About Paul L.

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2 Responses to Chronic Pain

  1. Anonymous says:

    Paul, I love your insights so far. Lots of us think these things but few of us write them out. Thank you for sharing! As a migraine sufferer I often wonder what my body is trying to tell me. I agree that pain is a signal to let us know that something isn’t “right” so when I get one I try to reflect on what’s been happening in my life, what I’ve been eating, etc. I don’t know what my triggers are for migraines so I don’t know what to avoid to avoid getting one. I do, however, know when one is coming because I get the aura. It’s scary stuff!

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  2. Linda Carr says:

    I agree–It’s like your brain forgets to flip the “off” button on pain. Chronic pain researchers should have a “Susan Komen like” way to raise research funds and find a way to short circuit the pain signals.

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