Human Evolution 

Human Advancement -The logical next step is cybernetics. We are well on our way with little ethical implications. As in AI integration or Bio-Netics. Forget the robots. People need to be the biological template for biomachine integration.

Another possibility which might have more  ethical concerns would involve genetic manipulation. Rather than making humans to order in a tube; why not take genes from animals and splice them into humans? Ethical concerns aside it might be possible to enhance ourselves with animal genes. Or vice versa.

The point, is that Homo Sapiens haven’t changed much in our entire history so in order to progress we may have to take that into our own hands.


About Paul L.

Hi. I have a degree in legal theory and literature. When I’m not writing my book, I’m experimenting with poetry. Thanks
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2 Responses to Human Evolution 

  1. Apreciando o trabalho duro você colocar em seu local e detalhada informações você fornecer
    . Tem impressionante vir através de um blog de vez em quando não é a mesma fora da data requentada
    informações. Maravilhoso ! Tenho indicador seu site e estou adicionando seu RSS feeds para minha conta
    do Google.

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  2. Linda Carr says:

    I like this idea. like GMOs for food–we’d be GMHs (genetically modified human). Wild. Modifications would be nearly infinite. Then add mini-machines–like super eyes, or ???

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