Person of Interest 

An excellent show to be sure. A show whose writer(s) clearly understands writing. The character development is outstanding which is rare in television. It isn’t often that backstorys are woven into stories so intricately. It’s the most common thing in novels but for once we can see it happen on a show. The plot threads keep the show edgy and interesting. The acting is right on and I love the overall narrative. It’s a show that showcases how writing should be in that the characters have depth, the story is relevant and the action is intense. A show for writers. It’s a shame it has been cancelled  prematurely. It’s clear that good taste is lacking in America and that people don’t appreciate the craft of writing. So enjoy the seven CBS shows that are all exactly the same with different actors. America wants the same watered down television every week and that is sad. If anyone would take English at University, it would be clear how well Person of Interest is written.  Good luck  to the writer or writers and thank you for the incredible show. One more thing. Micheal Emerson would make a great version of the character, The Question if he ever comes to screen from the DC Universe. 

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About Paul L.

Hi. I have a degree in legal theory and literature. When I’m not writing my book, I’m experimenting with poetry. Thanks
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