Astrominers (Excerpt from Vega story)

We’ve lost lights and who knows what else. Alaika by this point had regained his senses. He tried to force Johnston’s arm away to prop himself up and yelled as pain flared up his blood soaked arm. He fell back throwing his arm in front of his face only then noticing flesh and tangled wires hanging down from his arm seeping blood dripping into his face a gnarled piece of metal poking out from both sides of his rent forearm. It had torn through his biocomm implant sparks still flashing from the exposed device his eyes transfixed in horror yelling for Johnston to rip it out. Although everyone on board had slight field training in emergency medicine Johnston couldn’t wrap his mind around yanking the metal straight out. Still the agony he saw in Alaika’s face tore him apart and without another thought he pulled off the top half of his uniform ripping it to shreds and shoving a balled up piece of fabric into Alaika’s mouth. His muscled chest heaving his forehead dripping sweat, he grabbed the twisted fragment at one end told Alaika to bite down hard and bracing his legs against Alaika’s side he pulled with intense strength the shard coming free more sparks flying Alaika’s breathing coming in giant gasps as he ripped the cloth from his mouth looking over at Johnston who still held onto the onetime piece from an overhead vent like some grisly trophy. Johnston flung it away in disgust quickly bandaging Alaika’s arm with more cloth pulling tight enough to cut off the flow of blood threatening to pour out. Drained from the traumatic experience Alaika passed out. Johnston helplessly looked on, hoping the commander hadn’t lost too much blood. 

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