The Vega Rock (Excerpt III)

Shen, how the hell did you find these snacks said Olenko in his deep baritone voice. With grace and finesse that’s how pal replied Shen smiling at his friend noticing the disappointment etched into Olenko’s craggy features. What’s wrong Dmitry? You’re not scrubbing toilets that’s what. What!?Scrubbing toilets Shen repeated softly to himself. Sorry Dmitry, but I have no idea what you’re talking about. I cannot believe how you escape discipline at every turn with your cheery disregard for the rules. It is mystery more profound then bottom of a black hole. Ah Dmitry, no sweat my Ukrainian friend. It’s bound to catch up with me at some point. Olenko tried to stifle a crooked grin. Yea you are right I suppose. It will catch up to you. Sure Olenko that’s the spirit. Now let’s see, Shen said looking at his console scanning for orbital debris as part of the Stations clean up protocol. 

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