The Vega Rock (Excerpt II)

Dmitry’s arm took a heavy beating but the comm that lay within the wrist remained undamaged. Besides his best efforts a few shards had grazed him at high velocities easily slashing through flesh causing blood to paint the console red. The force of the screens explosion and resulting projectiles acted like a heavyweight’s fist smashing Olenko to the floor. Only Dmitry’s granite head and quick reflexes saved him from worse. He lay there staring at the ceiling eyes flitting wildly in their sockets, trying to stay awake while his thoughts started to drift. A slight effort of will by Olenko gave way to an extreme unconscious effort by his brain to take his thoughts faraway, to disengage his mind from the screams of anguish coming from his battered body. A technique he learned from his military days when he was chosen to be part of an international coalition of men and women selected by their home countries to be the vanguard leading humanity to settle other worlds. He had hoped for a Mars mission to help build up the fledgling habitat but ended up on The Icarus as its Chief Engineer. A great opportunity but for his current situation which found him in dire straights desperately trying to stay conscious by letting his mind wander amongst the foggy mists of times past. Thinking of better times Olenko felt a second jolt shake the station followed by a third which brought a pair of overhead beams crashing down on top of the half conscious Olenko who had just enough wherewithal to roll out of the way avoiding most of the rubble. As the beams smacked into each other, a piece of one sheared off slamming into Olenko’s shoulder as he lay on his side. He heard a crunching sound as his shoulder caved in under the weight and felt a searing white hot pain. His mental fortitude gave way to the unrelenting darkness. 

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