Political Extremism

Who has forgotten history? Is it time for the working person to finally stand up and throw off the chains of capital oppression?  For now we at least get to vote if we want that. For at stake is a golden utopia where we do not need government, only each other. Neither do we need capital goods unless of course we can do it without such a silly notion of payment in mind. Yes perhaps America needs to go down that path. After all it worked so well in Cambodia and Cuba. On the other hand, with ISIL seeking its own solution to establish a  global caliphate a strong sense of nationalism might be needed. After all when we have a chance to elect one of such strength and dominance no one dare oppose us. Right World War II era Italy? Let us take time to consider how great America can be when we look at history and the inevitable failure of political extremes. 

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About Paul L.

Poet, Thinker, Writer, and Reader
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