Sample Page (Astrominers)

Demitry saw that phase one of the docking procedure had completed. Bird in hand he said to Shen. Let’s pull her in. Now that the ship was ready to be towed Johnston made another call to Shen to inquire about Crenshaw’s progress as his expertise would soon be needed. Something important come up Colonel? According to the Commander something major came up Shen and I don’t mean your rank. So let Crenshaw know to get his ass in gear. Will do Colonel over. Over and out finished Johnston putting away his comm device. Dmitry had been listening and turned to Shen not missing a chance to repeat the order. Okay Shen you heard the Colonel. No messing around. Get down to Crenshaw while I bring the bird to roost. Right sir Shen said standing to attention and saluting dramatically. I won’t let you down. Yes, yes go Dmitry said waving him off with his hands. Shen marched smartly off the bridge and after a few moments relaxed his walk veering to the right down the first ramp he came to which led directly to the station lift. If he had proceeded straight on he would have been back in the galley which brought to mind that wonderful but partial snack. He couldn’t help but wonder if there was more somewhere in the cargo hold which happened to be a floor up from Crenshaw’s lab down into the lowest bowels of Icarus. He decided to forgo the cargo bay as the Colonel seemed very serious. Latrine duty was the worst job on the station and although everyone took their turn a common method of station justice was continued cleanings of the space toilets, so he continued on with his duties. The elevator scanned Shen’s wrist implant and swooshed open. Stepping inside he ordered aloud that the lift take him to The Science Center which housed all the main computers and was essentially the nerve hub of Icarus of which Crenshaw was now in charge. Shen hadn’t alerted Crenshaw he was coming but due to several small monitors mounted throughout his lab Crenshaw had an all seeing eye perspective of the entire space installation. He stared at Shen’s smiling face and noticed he was whistling some tune. Crenshaw found this a bit annoying but he put it from his mind and anxiously got back to work. A few minutes later he heard the lift open and looked up briefly with both hands elbow deep in a jumble of multi colored wires. Shen stepped from the elevator his eyes widening with a stunned expression at the sight but recovered quickly from his momentary shock and in a commanding tone said Hey Doc. Laika and Johnston are on their way back and have something important from the Hyperscope. They want to analyze it like yesterday, so are you about setup here Shen asked uncertainly looking with furrowed brow at the extreme disarray of cables, computer screens and odd pieces of random hardware. It looked a mess but Crenshaw stated matter of factly that the Hyperscope drive was installed and that all would be ready for what was needed to analyze the initial data. Shen nodded in seeming agreement keeping his skepticism hidden from Crenshaw’s searching gaze. Alright I’ll leave it to you Shen said walking away and back to the lift. Hmm you know I think I will check out the cargo bay. I may just hit pay dirt and find a bunch of that hazelnut butter paste he thought. A few moments later Shen left the lift after ordering it to take it to the cargo bay. He walked into a giant space that could have been a aircraft hangar. Multiple cargo containers were stacked neatly throughout. Shen really had no idea where to look but since Olenko had the Argos and he had alerted Crenshaw he felt his duty had been done and thought the effort was worth the time. If he did find some paste Johnston would love it and he would be praised Shen thought optimistically. 

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