Autistic Adults

It is frustrating that there is such a lack of information for people that are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder as adults. The issue has really
only become prevalent as a societal interest in the past decade and a half to my knowledge and understanding. I mean Hans Asperger was on to it half a century ago yet so many now being diagnosed were missed as children. It seems that all the research is aimed at helping children yet there must be thousands that were overlooked and were not diagnosed until adulthood. When I research the topic there is little to no information on dealing with autism as an adult when diagnosed as an adult. Are adults with ASD to be overlooked? Dr. Shattuck may have peered a bit at it with help from Autism Speaks, but it just tracked economic and educational situations. I mean Autistic Advocates and Researchers need to realize that adults need help as well as children, even if they are high functioning and educated. And by the way Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is not always that effective for adults. There needs to be a comprehensive book that an adult with ASD can read and learn from aimed specifically for that segment of the population based on empirical evidence and research. Perhaps a guidebook. Maybe more adults with Autism should publish their experiences in overcoming obstacles like Temple Grandin has done. All I am saying is ASD research should address adults with the issue to a much higher degree than what is currently available.

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