50 Years?

Why is everything supposed to happen in fifty years that involves major changes to Earth and our way of life? Whether its climate, resources running out, or population explosion, it’s always fifty years from now. When I was in school all these kinds of major changes to our planet would be in an estimated fifty years. Ten years have passed and the estimates are still fifty years out. Why always fifty? If you ever see information about the three issues mentioned pay attention to the estimated years till crisis is reached. I’m sure it will say fifty years. It’s a little strange. It had been said that the temperature of te Earth should rise one degree every ten years which didn’t quite happen between 2000 and 2010 and at five degrees hotter we on Earth would certainly be in a bind. That is the supposed theory. So perhaps 50 years is a bit speculative, but there seems to be no doubt we are on our way to climate catastrophe. Bon Chance everybody.

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