Who Needs Information?

To start, lets look at an example of something you may look up on the internet. Say you want to find out why your cat is throwing up. The first thing the Internet will show most likely are advertisements which may or not be pertinent. What comes next? Thousands of forums where you can hear all the stories and experiences of cat owners. If you were panning for gold perhaps a few slivers barely worth a buck would come up but it’s time consuming. Next, the answer pages that ironically have very few answers. Oh how disingenuous it all is. I forgot to mention Wikipedia which needs to be mentioned. It used to be that people wouldn’t think to question Wikipedia. A wiki by the way is information collected, organized, and put together by a team. Wikipedia is now under the microscope so it’s not as trustworthy. I still use them. If I’m reading about tigers on Wikipedia I can cross reference that information easily enough or in the case of cats throwing up, I would go to medical pages by veterinarians. I don’t think knowledge is power with our Disingenuous Highway of Information. I know what to look for and where to get information online which took time to learn. I guess I’m glad I had a running start with all the books I’ve read. My suggestion if you want real information, avoid forums, unless you want to complain, avoid answer pages, look to Wikipedia for general information that can easily be proven with a little more leg work. Look to M.D.s Ph.D.s or easily identifiable experts. Pubmed has a lot of information by noted doctors and scientists which you can peruse for free. Also, websites that have .gov are usually good because they have to be on their game otherwise Americans get suspicious. I’m joking, they are generally solid sites for information mainly dealing with government. Lastly if you think you have the genuine article find out who wrote it which is usually listed. See what kind of education they have. Someone with a degree, meaningful experience or Ima Nobody. Not everyone’s qualified to speak but they definitely do anyway. So it’s up to you.

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