The Turning Point

I’m really curious about the future of humanity. I feel like we are at a major turning point in our existence. I’m talking about the problems we face like finding new sources of energy and dealing with climate carnage. If something really progressive doesn’t happen within a generation or two, things could go really bad from what I understand. It’s like we are on the brink. If we fall off the clock will turn back centuries for us like when Rome was sacked and the dark ages began. I see that happening again if changes are not made. It would be a real tragedy to see our achievements as a race become meaningless because we have exhausted our resources and didn’t find a way to deal with climate. I think we are trying, but since I studied this topic in school a decade ago I have not seen any real change except perhaps for a few wind farms and new solar energy methods. I really do think we are at a crossroads and I hope we, as in every country on Earth that can, will come together and solve our energy and climate crisis other than having a summit once in a while. It will take great courage and technical skill but if we all work together including those that may not have political or monetary interest, a real solution can be achieved. We don’t have much of a choice. Otherwise history as we know repeats itself and I for one do not want this generation or future generations to be plunged back into darkness. But it may need to happen. I can’t really say and I only speak for myself. I do know we all share this planet which can only give so much so it’s a problem we all face. I don’t think it is so much a political or monetary issue no matter how much some make it out to be as much as it’s an issue of survival and progress.

Paul Lillie

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About Paul L.

Poet, Thinker, Writer, and Reader
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