The Grounded Kite

Have you ever felt like a grounded kite? I mean you really want the wind to grab ahold and throw you soaring into the sky, but the days always seem so still. There isn’t even breeze enough to stir a crumbling leaf. You feel like if you could just reach the sky you’ll find some air currents and stay aloft whipping around in joyous contentment, but it just doesn’t happen. All you can ask is why and will the wind ever pick up? The same could be true of a sailboat but at least on a sailboat you can drift. No, if you are a kite without wind then there isn’t any chance of moving at all. Even if someone grabbed your string and ran with all their might you would still crash to the ground without wind. So if life hasn’t filled your sails just remember you can always drift and that there are some who never get to move and remain a grounded kite.

Paul Lillie

©All Rights Reserved 


About Paul L.

Poet, Thinker, Writer, and Reader
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