It’s A Baseball Kind Of Life

Life is a lot like baseball and I understand clearly why people say that sometimes it throws you a curve. I think each and every one of us spends our lives at the plate. Everything that comes at us in life is a pitch. Who throws the pitch? Some might say God, perhaps fate, or maybe it’s pure coincidence. What really matters is whether or not we hit the ball. The sad fact is that some never hit a single ball. Even a pop up fly or a foul ball knocked soaring behind the plate would be contact. But it’s the people that swing unceasingly and hit nothing that can make life seem like such a sad game to play. On the other hand others hit home runs, doubles, or even bunts time and again which indicates to me that the playing field may not be all that level. Another indication of this would be that often a fortunate few in life are thrown walks. That would mean you have influence in how life is played. But who can really say? The point is that you start life at the plate and death is retirement from the game. I think that only after several years at bat can you really know how well you have played. Some may make life’s hall of fame while others may retire in silent obscurity. Just ask yourself one question. How’s your batting average?

Paul Lillie

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